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0 Percent helps businesses & investors get access to the resources, network and investments that will quantum leap their financial empowerment

Independent Sales Contractor

Nurp bridges the gap between modern and future investing, leveraging emerging technologies. With our advanced algorithmic trading bots, comprehensive forex trading systems, and in-depth courses, we challenge the old investing model.

Independent Sales Contractor
The Loading Phase

The Loading Phase provides men with the resources and support to reach their full potential in health, wealth, love and happiness (or in all areas of life).

Personal Development Consulting

What My Clients Says

We value the trust our clients place in us, operating with transparency and confidentiality in all our dealings.

Choosing Opercent – Trading bot was one of my best decisions recently. I’m really happy because they delivered everything they said they would in their ads. The product is excellent, and it’s clear they care a lot about quality and making their customers happy.

The best part of my experience was their amazing customer service. I want to give a special shout-out to their team member, Christian Lazaro. Christian answered my questions quickly and clearly, which helped me a lot.

I’m so glad I decided to go with Opercent. Without the help of their awesome team, including another stand-out member, Brandon Gonzalez, I wouldn’t have made the choice. I can’t recommend them enough!

Martin Maggio - 0Percent.com

Awesome product! The FED bot has been performing beautifully for me. This is the perfect passive way to invest into a trading account. I spend very little time on this bot and it has been generating 10-30% a month for me. Christian Lazaro has been very responsive and fantastic to work with. Also, appreciate Brandon Gonzalez help with questions and working through setup. Appreciate the team at zero percent.

Taylor Spaans - 0Percent.com

Pretty impressive automated trading algorithm set up. This is not a ‘no risk’ set up or a get rich quick approach. The systems allow you to manage your risk accordingly with the ability to be as ‘hands on’ and aggressive as your risk tolerance allows. Even a conservative approach will produce impressive results. The algo has been tested and the Nurp team provide you with the tools to use at your discretion. Support team has been great as well, shout out to Christian for always following up/checking in and being available. Great support staff in a rapidly growing environment. Excited to see what opportunity the future markets will provide.

Vlad B. - Nurp.com