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A Step-By-Step Road-map To Success

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We will help your business optimize your online presence to get more qualified leads, better results, and conversions. with our digital marketing services in Toronto: 

Search Engine Optimization

Someone is already looking for your product or service on Google at this moment. For that reason, your company or brand needs to compete in search engines so you don't lose customers to your competition.

Web Design & Development

Your website is your online storefront, a can be your first impression with potential customers. It should represent your brand, have a great user experience, and get you more customers.

Social Media Marketing

Business owners often put social media marketing as a second thought, rather than a strategy that builds a strong reputation, attracts new traffic and builds customer's trust.

Google PPC Ads

Google PPC advertising is the second leg of a digital marketing campaign. Alongside SEO, Google PPC can earn more real estate for your business on the results pages.

A Step-By-Step Road Map to Success

Our Toronto SEO and Digital Marketing Process


Assess Your Company's Digital Marketing Goals

Lazaro Lifestyle Media jump-starts new working relationships by assessing and understanding your digital marketing goals. This will allow us to align and implement a custom strategy with your business goals in mind.


We recognize that it is crucial for us to work together to achieve a complete understanding of what market your business is trying to target and re-evaluate the target audience.


As a Toronto SEO Company, we believe that communication between your company and Lazaro Lifestyle Media is important in developing the long-term goals that we will implement.


Industry and Competitor Research

Competitor research is an important step in our process as it gives us the opportunity to be informed of surrounding services/products, prices, and promotions in your industry. Such research will help us develop a better understanding of your industry and to acknowledge what your competitors are doing.


As a leading Toronto SEO Company, we will also be able to identify the top keywords your competition is ranking for. This will help us in the implementation of your marketing goals. 


Lazaro Lifestyle Media will do thorough industry research to find what the leaders in your market are doing to succeed in their digital marketing efforts and how they differ from your current marketing strategy. This is where we will identify who your primary target audience is, which will allow us to focus our digital marketing efforts on bringing your business an increased amount of new leads.


Integrate Customer and Research-Based Strategies

Once we assess your overall business goals, as well as completing industry and competitor analysis, we will develop a customized digital marketing strategy to fit your business needs.


Lazaro Lifestyle Media will work as a partner with your business to build strategies that are meant to drive success for your business.


You will be informed of the work we do in real-time so that you know your investment is working for you.  It is important to collaborate in some cases in order to achieve the best results for your campaign.


Measure and Track Your Progress

At Lazaro Lifestyle Media, we understand that it is important to measure a business' growth. We are a customer and results-driven Toronto SEO company that collects data to optimize our digital marketing strategies to their greatest potential. 


We provide you with real-time reporting and collaboration through our innovative use dashboard. This dashboard will bring your Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Social Media together in digital harmony. This will give your business an overall view of the most significant marketing data about your website. In addition, we also provide you with reports and analysis every month. 


Optimize Digital Marketing Strategies To Enhance Results

Lazaro Lifestyle Media utilizes the data we collect and measure from your campaign to continuously optimize and adapt wherever necessary to provide the results you desire.


We strive to be the best Toronto SEO Company by achieving your satisfaction from the value we provide your business.


We will constantly optimize your campaign to help maximize the potential to build your brand reputation and establish your name as the leader in your industry.

Rise to the top

Increase Sales

Lazaro Lifestyle Media helps your business attract qualified leads online through an omni-approach of our digital solutions. We create a system for your business to increase its bottom line.

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Measure Performance

Our digital marketing solutions gives you control of your campaign. You will be able to monitor all your stats in one place for your campaign. Gauge your investment and watch it grow month over month.

Continuous improvement


We utilize the data we collect and measure from your campaign to continuously optimize and adapt wherever necessary to provide the results you desire.

Toronto SEO company
Toronto SEO company

The Sky's the limit. Rise to the top.

3 Steps to Higher Rankings, More Traffic, and More Leads

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Schedule a Call

Take your first steps toward online success. Schedule a call today to talk to a digital marketing expert. We will discuss your goals and objectives to create a plan that's right for you.

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Receive a Custom Plan

Understanding your business and its goals are what helps us formulate a custom strategy so that we can provide you with a map of how we will achieve them. Our focus is on generating results for our clients.​

Toronto SEO company

Implement The Strategy

Once a plan is created for your business, we will integrate the changes by developing a scope of work customized to your business goals. After implementing the plan, we will continue to optimize.

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Digital marketing is any marketing that is online or web-based, which includes SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web Design and PPC. On the other hand, traditional marketing includes direct mail, TV, and radio which are becoming obsolete in this digital age

Yes. We have all the expertise you need with Lazaro Lifestyle Media. This includes SEO specialists, social media strategists, web designers, content creators, and more. We provide a scalable level of support to your team, and you won’t have to hire an in-house unit to achieve what you desire. When working with us, you only pay for the time and services you need for the results you want.

There are several factors to consider when determining the cost of SEO. Some of the factors include:

  • The industry you want to compete in
  • The size and quality of your website
  • Previous SEO that has done to your website
  • Any existing penalties on your website

Some of these factors will determine how much SEO will cost for your business.

The main difference between SEO and Google PPC is the way traffic is acquired. Traffic gained from SEO is organic and free while the traffic delivered from Google PPC is not free, as indicated by the name, as you will pay a cost every time a user clicks on your ad.

SEO is more time-intensive and requires more working hours to achieve desired results since placement on search engines is more permanent than paid ads. On the other hand, Google PPC is faster in terms of first-page ranking placement, skipping the SEO competition. However, it only generates your traffic while the PPC campaign is running. The optimized approach that we utilize at Lazaro Lifestyle Media is to implement both techniques, if your budget allows, to increase your online presence.

We work with both small and large businesses. Whether you’re a dental office with high competition or a small plumbing company looking to get more customers, we will work with you.

This is determined on how many keywords you want to target and how competitive those keywords are to rank for. Generally, it takes between 6-12 months for a website to enjoy the benefits of a proper SEO campaign. This is why so much work is put into analyzing your competitors and doing proper keyword research for your business. SEO is a process, not an event.

There are no digital marketing agency or consultant can guarantee specific results like first page rankings. There are many factors that depend on implementation on the client’s end, ever-changing search engine algorithms, and numerous other reasons beyond anyone’s control.

At Lazaro Lifestyle Media, we only work with WordPress websites because it is our area of expertise and we have found it to be the best Content Management System (CMS) built for SEO. Don’t worry though, if you would like to work with us and don’t have a WordPress website we can easily transfer your website to WordPress.

Please contact us. We look forward to helping you achieve a greater online presence, as well as taking control of your digital marketing solutions.

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