What is a Landing Page and Why is it Important?

What is a Landing Page and Why is it Important

It’s impossible for a business to fully realize its lead generation goals without a well-structured landing page. As such, if you don’t have one, and it’s been difficult for you to attract and convert as many leads as you would want, there lies the issue. 

Many medical practices and businesses alike have undermined the critical role that a landing page plays in lead generation and, unfortunately, haven’t been maximizing their opportunities. 

If you run a website and you’ve been dismissing the need for a landing page for specific services or products, you may want to consider reading this post to the end. We have used this article to explain the meaning of a landing page, its origin, its benefits, and what to do to optimize it. 

What is a Landing Page?

At times, a landing page is used to refer to a destination page. In this case, a destination page means any page where web visitors find themselves when they access your website. Google Analytics even provides a report aimed at examining the traffic of your landing page. 

The term is also widespread in topics surrounding lead generation and inbound marketing. In this context, the term refers to a web page specifically generated to facilitate website visitors’ conversions into leads since it allows you to capture an email address and other information. A visitor lands on this web page upon clicking on a link availed in an email or ads YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and numerous other similar pages on the web. 

The second definition will be our main focus in this post. 

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One of the things that set landing pages apart from other web pages is that they are created with one goal – a call to action to convert web visitors into leads.

Unlike other web pages that encourage exploration and focus on many goals, this single focus is the reason landing pages have proved to be the best option when it comes to increasing the conversion rates in marketing campaigns.

If approached correctly, landing pages are also beneficial at bringing down the cost of lead acquisition and the corresponding sales. 

Why is a Landing Page Important for Lead Generation?

Have you been looking for an easy way to get away with the absence of a landing page on your website?  

If you said ‘yes’, you better start focusing your energy on determining how to get started with a landing page and how to make the most out of it (especially if you are running ads). 

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To start you off, here are the things that make a landing page a valuable tool in lead generation. 

Increased Conversions

The primary goal of performance marketing is to produce measurable results for every dollar spent. The most significant benefit of a landing page emanates from its conversions-increasing potential as far as a marketing campaign is concerned. 

As stated earlier, landing pages are deliberately made to encourage web visitors to act in a certain way. A landing page exists to provide content aimed at funnelling visitors towards a particular action. The call to action for your health clinic could range from subscribing to an email list or grabbing a limited-time offer for a given service.

Increased Brand Credibility

Having a useful landing page in place can help your medical practice establish credibility early. And if you recently started your health clinic, a landing page offers one of the most effective ways of bringing in customers. 

You may take advantage of a landing page’s specificity to show your website visitors that you understand what problems they are facing and that your medical practice has products or services capable of offering lasting solutions.

Improved Brand Awareness

The healthcare industry is undergoing a paradigm shift in many areas. For instance, the number of walk-in clinics and private medical practices has grown tremendously recently. This means that you must up your game to stay in business and attract as many patients as possible. You must work on enhancing your brand awareness

One of the things that you need in your brand awareness journey is a well-designed landing page. It will go a long way in helping you improve the impression that your web visitors have on your medical practice. 

What does an ideal landing page look like? Its style, feel, and look must be consistent with the other marketing materials of your practice. This aspect is essential in a lead generation strategy since it interlinks marketing materials across the world wide web. 

Once patients interact with your landing page and then encounter similar content and designs outside your website, they will remember your brand. This leads to enhanced brand awareness, and the likelihood of prospects turning to your brand when they need your medical services increases considerably.

Opportunity for Opt-In Information

Marketing campaigns are designed to encourage patients to act in a particular way. A brand’s ability to identify the problems its target audience faces is usually determined by the information it has about them. You need as many insights as you can get about your prospects. 

Attaching quick forms on your landing page can help you get the information that your medical practice needs. Utilize such forms to gather vital info like the social preferences, geographical location, and demographics capable of improving performance marketing campaigns that your health clinic intends to make. To target your prospects easily.

Measurable KPI’s

Every smart goal must be measurable. As such, you should identify useful metrics for ascertaining the effectiveness of every performance marketing that your practice makes. You might want to make your landing page one of those dependable metrics. 

Here is why;

Landing pages are a fantastic way through which brands can wholly improve their performance marketing. Why so? A landing page makes it possible for businesses to casually improve the content, layouts, keywords, copy, and any other information that can appeal to prospects. You can do this by split-testing multiple landing pages as you check how various styles and content work on your target audience. 

As you test one landing page against another, you will be able to determine which formats bring in more prospects. Narrow down your options, optimize the best one, and keep drawing in more patients. In the process, you will also identify possible improvement areas.

What Makes a Good Landing Page?

Are you ready to create your first landing page? Generating a productive landing page demands full knowledge of what goes into it. We have taken the initiative of letting you in on this matter so you can jump right in. 

Below are the elements that make up an effective landing page. 

  1. The main headline – being the first thing that your visitors see, the headline of your landing page should clearly describe what one can expect from your product or service. This is an offer that should be so compelling that it immediately grabs the attention of the visitor and inform them what your product or service does. Remember to keep it short (between ten and twenty words).
  1. A supporting headline – if there is something that you couldn’t say on your main headline, make use of a supporting headline to deliver the message. A supporting headline is used to either finish what you started but couldn’t finish with the main headline or an additional persuasive message that convinces the visitor to stay. Place the subheadlines directly below the main headline. 
  1. A unique selling proposition that clearly explains what sets your products or services apart.
  1. The key benefits that your product or service offers your target audience. This is an extension of your unique selling proposition but more detailed and in-depth. 
  2. If possible, images or videos – a visual representation of the context of the use of your products or service. It goes a long way in giving your target market a better understanding of your offering,, including its appearance. When using images, ensure that they are sufficiently big, good quality, and relevant to your offering. 
  1. Social proof – you may use awards you have received in your line of work from reputable organizations or customer reviews and testimonials. The count of the patients who has used your service and expert testimonials also come in handy. 
  1. Closing argument – consider this your last chance to let your prospects know the benefits of considering your offer. The remark you make should support your unique selling proposition. You may want to view it as a reinforcement statement. 
  1. A strong call to action (CTA) – This is the point where you insert your call to action. You can choose between availing a standalone button on your click-through page or making it a part of a lead gen form. As an essential conversion element, decide carefully where to place your CTA as well as its design. Make sure that it’s exciting, compelling and persuasive. Utilize contrasting colours for it to stand out. 

You should now know what a landing page is, what your medical practice stands to gain by including a landing page (or lose, should you fail to incorporate a landing page on your website), and its critical elements. The ball is now in your court.

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