What Does Online Presence Mean For Med Spas And Health Clinics?

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If there is something that med spas and health clinics cannot afford to ignore in the world of marketing, it’s having an effective online presence. Having or not having an online presence is no longer debatable. It is a must-have for all businesses irrespective of size and location for any organization that wants to thrive amidst the intense competition. An effective online presence strategy gives your business a much-desired competitive advantage over your competitors.

What Is An Online Presence?

Over the years, online presence has meant a couple of things. For instance, a couple of years ago, putting up a website meant having an online presence. A business with a nice-looking homepage, beautiful images, smart navigation, and great content was said to have sufficiently attained an admirable level of an online presence.

While this no longer holds, businesses must understand that all the above-mentioned website elements are critical to a fruitful online presence. However, numerous other things contribute to the process in 2020, namely;

Online presence means any existence of a company or business that can be traced when one conducts an online search.

Online Presence for Med Spas and Health Clinics

Like any other business, online presence has dramatically impacted health clinics and medspas’ marketing – as it continues to evolve. As medical spas continue to grow across the country, so does the need to have an effective online presence. Medical spa owners are finding it increasingly necessary to adopt a marketing approach that encompasses email and content marketing, SEO, SMM, web design, PPC, and influencers, among many others as illustrated in the image below. 


Source: Experian

What Makes Up An Effective Online Presence?

When do you know that your medical spa or health clinic has accomplished an effective online presence? 

You know that your medical spa or health clinic has attained the desired level of online presence if;

  • Your company has a clear market definition, and you’ve identified the associated keywords. This means having a clear vision, defining your target patients and knowing them, and familiarizing yourself with the keywords that help you relate adequately with the market.
  • You have a website or blog – and if possible (and I don’t see why not), both of them. It helps your business stay up to date.
  • You have the right social media strategy that helps you build lasting and fruitful relationships with the target market.
  • You begin realizing consistently high volume traffic.
  • You are now capturing leads.
  • You are converting the leads you’ve captured


As of 2017, the global medical spa market value was estimated at $11billion in 2017 and 12 billion in 2018, with a projection of $27 billion by 2025. That means that competition is bound to intensify across the globe. That also means that medical spas and health clinics that desire to thrive amidst the competition must up their game – and one such way is pursuing an effective online presence. Businesses in this industry must be willing to commit their resources to the numerous basics of an online presence to realize the associated benefits.

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