Is Investing In Paid Ads Worth It?

is paid ads worth it

The advertising and marketing space has experienced significant changes since the inception of the internet. Today, companies do not only rely on traditional marketing efforts such as using billboards, brochures or TV and radio advertising.

The internet has brought about many different ways of putting businesses and their products in front of the eyes of their target audience.

One of those methods is paid ads. A good number of businesses, including those operating in the medical field, have since embraced paid ads. But the question is, is investing in paid ads worth it?

In this post to help you answer this question. I aim to help you make an informed decision when it comes to investing in paid ads.

What Is Paid Advertising?

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According to TrackMaven, a Marketing Insights Company, paid advertising is any form of advertising that you must spend money on, versus earned or owned advertising. What this means is that the marketer pays the owner of the space they prefer to use it. Paid ads are found on the sides, top, or bottom of particular web pages.

Paid ads exist to help businesses reach as many customers as possible using the ads and make the product or service available to the maximum number of prospects. It explains why web sites with higher traffic are more appealing to marketers or brands than those that receive low traffic.

However, it is worth noting that a website with high traffic is more expensive than one with low traffic. The secret to attaining an effective paid advertising strategy is pursuing a balance between reaching as many patients as possible and not exceeding the budget. Pay per click and pay per impression ads are among the several categories of paid advertising.

Is Paid Advertising Worth Your Attention?

Here are the top five elements that make it worthwhile for the majority of brands.

1. Almost instantaneous results

With paid ads, you are only required to create an ad, determine your bid, and that’s it. Within a few minutes, your ad will start running, giving birth to a notable increase in traffic.

This benefit makes paid ads more beneficial to businesses than other online and offline methods of advertising. Irrespective of how good a marketer you are, it will take you somewhere between six and twelve months to make breakthroughs when using inbound marketing strategies.

On the other hand, paid ads allow you to drive unimaginable traffic to your medical practice’s website within hours, especially if you use pay per click.

2. It is affordable

Paid advertising is not as expensive as many people believe. Perhaps, you’ve been made to believe that you must target competitive keywords for your paid advertising strategy to work or you’ve been told the the cost-per-lead. That’s not exactly true.

You need to note that there are millions of keywords related to your medical practice out there capable of helping you accomplish your advertising goal. If you don’t have the resources to target competitive keywords, you can always choose keywords that match your budget. As a matter of fact, you can focus on 100 inexpensive keywords and attract as much traffic as the few expensive ones.

As for cost-per-lead, it will vary across different industry. It’s important to note that you can optimize your paid ads by making simple changes to the campaign, such as location, target audience, interests, etc.

In addition, if you are searching for a cost-effective way of boosting your brand’s visibility, particularly on mobile devices, look no further than paid advertising. For example, did you know that 80 percent of people with Instagram accounts follow at least one company?

Isn’t it amazing that 30 percent of these Instagram users have bought a product due to something they stumbled upon on Instagram? With these options at your disposal, your medical practice doesn’t have an excuse for not taking advantage of the unprecedented power of paid advertising.

3. It delivers unparalleled reach

Medical practices that don’t want to fall behind must give paid advertising a chance. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data have led to the rise of tools that businesses can use to effortlessly identify, target, and reach their audience. The world of business isn’t short of advertising platforms specifically designed to assist brands in raising brand awareness, generating leads, growing web traffic, and in the end, achieving their business goals.

While traditional strategies such as word-of-mouth-referrals has proven effective, but it offers a limited reach. There is a point beyond which your traditional marketing strategy efforts cannot go. It’s easy to hit a reach ceiling when using tradtional advertising methods, but the same cannot be said about investing in a well-thought-out paid advertising strategy.

One of the most beautiful things about paid advertising is that your ads will definitely appear on your target market’s user feeds. This attribute grants you a direct ticket to generate leads and make sales amidst a busy website or social media site.

4. Need a boost in leads and sales?

The most commonly used forms of paid ads, pay per click advertising, has the potential to deliver an amazing short term boost on not only traffic but also on new patients who come to your health clinic. The huge number of social media users makes paid advertising the most effective strategy for getting speedy, consistent, and predictable results.

Have you been struggling to rank high on the search engines? You should consider taking advantage of paid ads that help you avoid the complexities associated with in-depth search engine optimization by creating and publishing ads for keywords capable of giving your Medical Practice admirable traffic and sales – even if not comparable to what you achieve with an intense SEO strategy.

While comprehensive SEO approaches offer incredible results for firms of all sizes, they demand heavy investments in time to rank which to some companies is a luxury they cannot afford. As such, if you are looking for something affordable that can bring a near-overnight boost to your leads and sales, your answer lies in paid advertising.

Not to mention, if you use paid-ads and SEO in parallel for your marketing strategy, you’ll continuously bring in predictable results from paid ads as well as continuing to rank higher on search engines.

5. It is measurable

Measurability is one of the most important characteristics of a smart goal. Whatever advertising goals you pursue for your Medical Practice, it must be measurable if you want to get anywhere and make improvements. Paid advertising allows businesses to track their performance in terms of reach, leads, and conversions.

With paid advertising, you can also set your budget at the beginning, which helps to ensure that you don’t surpass your advertising budget. You can tell how your paid ads are performing through elements such as the number of clicks, click-through rate, cost per conversion and conversions, and so on. The metrics you use are usually dependent on your specific advertising goals, preferred advertising space, and paid advertising category.


Marketing and advertising play a significant role in business survival and growth. It is through these functions that word about your business and products/services get out there. In their absence, irrespective of how incredible your product or service is at solving your target market’s problems, it is as good as nonexistent.

As such, your medical practice must do everything possible to make sure that your target market is aware of your existence, the products and services you offer, and why they should get in touch with you in the first place. Whatever you do, you may want to consider making paid advertising a part of it.

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