How to Set Up Facebook Ads for Medical Practices: A Beginner’s Guide

How to set Up the First FB Ad for medical Practices

When Facebook came into being, I bet no one would have imagined the magic it would bring to the world of business. Perhaps no one imagined that a day would come when a business that failed to embrace Facebook and other social media sites would become less competitive. Undoubtedly, Facebook has become a force as far as marketing a brand is concerned. Any business, irrespective of industry, that has deliberately, or otherwise, chosen to ignore this magnificent wave is certainly on the losing end.

As of the 2nd quarter of 2020, Facebook enjoyed the largest number of users (2.7 billion monthly users) across the globe. You cannot afford to be left behind. You’ve got to use these statistics to the benefit of your cherished medical practice. You’ve got to do everything possible to get a good share of loyal patients for your medical practice out of the billions of monthly FB active users.

Statistic: Number of monthly active Facebook users worldwide as of 2nd quarter 2020 (in millions) | Statista
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Is your medical practice already using Facebook? Or, did you recently discovered its benefits and cannot wait to begin using it to take your brand to the next level? Well, the secret is ensuring that you get things right. I have used this post to educate you on how to set up Facebook Ads for your medical practice.

But First Things First – Why Use FB Ads in the First Place?

One of the greatest mistakes that you can make is ignoring online opportunities, such as the one presented by Facebook. The most successful medical practices have been using social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to not only increase their following, but also their clientele. Being available on at least one of the social media platforms guarantees you access to people who are seeking to know more about the services you offer such as fillers, skincare treatments, and BOTOX and lip injections among many others. As such, having a social media strategy in place – if you don’t have any yet – should be top on the list of your to-do things. It is an incredible way of improving the visibility of your medical practice and your patient acquisition rate. If set up correctly, FB Ads can help you achieve this and much more.

Other reasons why you shouldn’t ignore Facebook Ads include;

  1. The setup process is quite straightforward and fast. Nowadays, it is hard to find something that demands little resources to set up, yet capable of yielding excellent results. A great ROI is easily achievable with digital advertising as long as you have the right campaign and product. Logging on to Facebook, creating a business manager account, setting up a payment method, and publishing a campaign isn’t rocket science. Don’t forget that you only need a couple of minutes to get it done.
  2. They offer an effective way of reaching out to the target audience.  It is impossible not to find your ideal audience amongst the over 2.7 billion monthly active FB users. Combine this with FB’s ability to provide numerous detailed ways of appealing to specific people according to their demographics such as gender, location and age, previous engagement with your FB Page, known likes, and behavioral patterns. Of the utmost importance is to ensure the creation of an incredible set of audiences capable of producing higher and higher ROIs than you’ve ever imagined. It might please you to know that 54% of social browsers utilize social media platforms to research products/services before making a buying decision.
  3. You can customize Facebook Ads to your satisfaction. If you want to experience untold success in FB advertising campaigns, make it’s custom audiences your best friend. This essential tool allows you to devise the perfect ad experience and in turn, attract a perfect audience. You only have to take advantage of FB’s broad range of Ad formats. There are several types of custom audiences that your medical practice can utilize ranging from customer list to offline activity, Facebook audiences (engagement custom audiences), and app activity custom audiences. Learning how to utilize these custom audiences will help you make the most out of your FB Ads.
  4. You need to take advantage of the new features that Facebook adds every month. Since its inception, Facebook keeps increasing features and enhancing the user experience of both normal users and advertisers. Its ability to provide more and more value explains why it has maintained growth over the years. The presence of regular Facebook updates guarantees users that this social network will only become more powerful and user-friendlier. As such, the sooner your medical practice adopts and learns to use Facebook advertising the faster it will be for you to optimize social media advertising.

The surest way of gaining in-depth knowledge about FB Ads is easy – setting up your FB Business Manager Account or Facebook Ads Manager and without wasting any more time, creating that pioneering campaign! 

So, What Must You Consider Before Creating the First FB Ad?

There are just 3 things to consider before creating your first FB Ad;

  1. Facebook Funnel – you must commit to the process of creating a Facebook Ad funnel which is made up of three stages namely awareness, engagement remarketing, and website remarketing.
  2. Target audiences – you must create your target audiences before setting up your first FB Ad campaign. And for you to achieve this successfully, you should have a thorough understanding of your audience’s temperatures.

How to Create Facebook Ads Step By Step

Do you already have an FB Business Page? If yes, proceed to the Facebook Business Manager. If not, you must create one first. I will first offer a guide to medical practitioners who prefer to use their Facebook Ad Accounts, and then proceed to do the same using Facebook Business Manager.

  1. Upon logging into your Facebook Ads Manager, choose the “Campaigns’ tab, and then hit the “Create” button to get started. From there, choose your objective amongst the eleven types of Facebook Ads available.  If for instance, you are introducing your medical practice to a new audience, your objective should be “Brand Awareness.”
  2. Next, give a name to your campaign. You also need to confirm if you wish to set up an A/B split test and if you want to turn on budget optimization. Leave it turned off for now if you aren’t using multiple types of Facebook Ads. If you choose “Engagement” as your objective, you will be required to choose between “Post engagement”, “Page likes”, and “event responses.”
  3. Click “Set up Ad Account” and enter the required information to create your Ad Account. Don’t rush this step. Counter check the details you provide because you cannot change the details later without setting up a separate Ad account. Once you are done, click “Continue.”
  4. The next step entails choosing your target audience. Here, you will be requested to enter the name of your Ad campaign and the FB page you wish to promote. Scroll down to select your target location, gender, age, and language. The audience size indicator approximates the number of people your Ad can reach. Optimize the effectiveness of your Ad campaign using the two notable fields – detailed targeting and connection. The former allows you to include or exclude patients based on demographics, behavioral patterns, and interests. The latter makes it possible for you to exclude patients whom you’ve already connected via your app, an event, or FB page.
  5. Determine where your Ads will show. While Facebook offers various options, if you’re new to this we advise choosing automatic placements.
  6. Set your budget as well as schedule.
  7. Now it’s time to create your first Ad. Begin by choosing the Ad format and then insert your text and other media elements you intend to use. The preview tool at the bottom will help you see your Ad as your target patients would. Only hit the green button when sure that you like what you see, and then wait for a confirmation email that Facebook has approved your Ad.

Using Facebook Manager

Follow these steps;

  1. On the dashboard of your Business Manager, locate the “Business Manager” tab on the top left.
  2. Click “Ads Manager.” Next, hit the “Create” button to get started.
  3. Choose the objective of your campaign, target audience, lay down your budget, set your schedule, select Ad types, and then specify your Ad placements.
  4. Determine Ad format, Insert text, and any other media component you have. Use the preview tool to see your Ad through the eyes of your target audience. If content with what you see hit the “Submit” button. Wait for an email from Facebook notifying you of their Ad approval or otherwise.

To this end, you’ve learned what makes FB Ads so special for medical practitioners. Your ideal target audiences reside on Facebook and there isn’t a better way of getting hold of them than via FB Ad campaigns. You’ve also learned some important factors to consider before setting up an Ad on Facebook, and how to create Facebook Ads step by step. Don’t waste any more time. Dive right in and begin harvesting the awesome fruits of Facebook advertising effectiveness.

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