5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Paid Advertising

Why Your Business Needs Paid Advertising

Have you ever had a marketing company run a paid ads campaign for your practice that didn’t go as planned, and you decided never to give it a try again? Or have you just heard about paid advertising and unsure of making that leap of faith? Is your answer a “Yes”? If so, read this article to the end.

In this article, I let you in on why your business needs to have paid advertising in your marketing strategy, and if you’ve ever tried and it didn’t work as you expected, why you should give it a second chance. It is never too late for your medical practice to benefit from paid ads.

Before we discuss the benefits of including paid advertising in your marketing campaigns, we need to understand what it is.

So, What Is Paid Advertising?

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It is any form of advertising that you must pay for, unlike earned and owned advertising. Businesses pay the owner of the advertising space for them to use that space.

A bidding process is used to determine the price you’ll have to pay for the ad space. There are several paid advertising types, including Pay per click (PPC), Social media ads, retargeting ads, banner ads, influencer marketing, and Pay per impression (PPI).

With paid advertising, the featured ads appear on designated websites, and businesses bid against their competitors for keywords related to their products or services. Bidding is usually dependent on a specified number of responses or a fixed charge for impression. 

Why Does Your Medical Practice Need Paid Ads?

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Here are four top benefits of making paid ads an essential part of your firm’s digital marketing strategy.

1. Immediate results without incurring extra costs via Pay per click or Pay per conversion.

Have you been using the traditional methods of reaching out to your prospects, such as direct mails? Have you ever thought about the expenses you incur in making and printing those flyers you mail out to them? Or what about the time you spend preparing them?

You might not have realized it, but a lot goes into sourcing ink, paper, and postage. It might not appear as much for now, but we both can probably agree that a good number of the people who receive your mail throw them in the trash without opening them. What use are your efforts then? What is more, you get to pay for every single sheet you use on flyers and postage for every flyer you send out to your target market.

On the other hand, with an active PPC campaign, you only pay when a prospect clicks on your ad.

PPC Ads generate immediate results because search engines are the top places where people run for information about a product, service, or company.

On average, Google – the leading search engine – processes more than 40,000 searches per second, translating to over 3.5 billion search queries every day across the globe. This figure is expected to grow upwards in the future.

What do these figures say? They tell you that your target market is looking for a medical practice that offers particular products or services; they are actively searching for a company like yours. They have a higher intention of finding a service provider or seeking services from a practitioner like you – and that’s the catch.

Note that traditional marketing techniques such as radio advertising, trade magazines, or direct mail compete with every piece of information that your prospective patients are currently intaking. This means that those prospective or existing patients might not need your services or products at the exact time of using these traditional marketing tactics.

However, with Pay per click, it is being displayed to your target market is who is actively searching.

A couple of things are likely to go wrong when you use radio or TV advertising, direct mail, or trade magazines, such as;

  • In the case of direct mail, as already mentioned earlier, they might be thrown into the trash without being opened.
  • With radio and TV ads, they might play and find your intended listeners/viewers distracted. This one happens nearly all the time.
  • When it comes to your local magazines, your ads may fail to appear in front of your targeted readers when they are planning to book an appointment with a reputable chiropractic, physiotherapy, dental clinic, or medical spa.

Traditional marketing avenues can still work, I’m not disputing its effectiveness. In any case, they deliver excellent results when it comes to brand awareness. They are also incredible at converting customers in the long term when you have a holistic marketing strategy in place.

Point is, if you want to use a marketing tactic capable of reaching a prospective patient at the exact time they are actively looking for a reliable health clinic to book an appointment, PPC advertising achieves what a traditional tactic cannot. To get immediate results in your lead generation, don’t hesitate to give PPC advertising a shot!

2. Increased Brand Awareness

There are different kind of ad campaigns that you can run but you can benefit from increased brand exposure at no cost with paid ads. If your medical practice uses Pay per click, which means you only pay when someone clicks your ad, you will still be increasing your brand awareness even if no one clicks on your paid ads.

For example, say you run a dental practice. If nobody clicks on it, your paid ad puts the name of your practice in the limelight, and no one will ask you to pay for it.

3. Total control of your medical practice’s advertising strategy

Wouldn’t you want full control of your advertising strategy? Full control gives you confidence, but most importantly, it means that you can spend as much or as little as you want on your paid ad campaigns. Your practice gets the opportunity to choose specific phrases or keywords to accompany ads and landing pages.

In that case, if you run a medical spa and therefore wish to specifically advertise services such as laser hair removal, reflexology, Botox injections, facials, and facial fillers, and so on, go ahead and generate a consistent and nicely-crafted message.

That’s what you require to run a successful paid advertising campaign. Of the utmost importance is to ensure that your paid advertising strategy targets your intended ideal patients.

4. Better Targeting Options By Far

As mentioned earlier, one of the most beautiful things about paid advertising, such as PPC, is its ability to place the message of your medical practice in front of people who are actively searching for your service. The extensive targeting options of online ads ensure that you reach your exact target audience.

You don’t have to rely on mailing flyers to every person in the neighbourhood and silently hoping that someone who needs your service will receive them. Choose to use reliable paid ads. They increase your chances of success besides giving your prospective patients the best chance of finding you when they need your service and, in turn, booking an appointment.

It is also worth noting that paid ads allow you to target your specific areas, so they appear in a city and zip code of your choosing. If your medical practice targets a particular demographic, such as females, a given income bracket, or age, paid ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and other paid advertising sites are the way to go.

5. Paid advertising is measurable

Paid advertising is measurable as long as you have SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely) goals for your advertising strategy. In the absence of SMART goals, unavoidable mistakes such as tracking the wrong metrics could lead to misinformed decision-making and, ultimately, loss of money.

The metrics used for measuring the effectiveness of paid advertising is dependent on your specific goals. Some of the metrics that your medical practice can use include;

  • Clicks – The number of clicks that your ads get should help determine the volume of traffic that your ads are getting. Many clicks are an indication that your ads and landing page have what your target audience is expecting to see.
  • Click through rate (CTR) – CTR is calculated by dividing the number of clicks an ad receives by the number of impressions/views that your ads receive. A high CTR says that your target market finds the ads relevant.
  • Cost per conversion (CPC) – CPC is the money you’ve spent for every conversion your medical practice gets.
  • Conversions –conversion doesn’t necessarily mean making a sale. It depends on what your goals are. For instance, do you want your visitors to call your office line? If yes, that’s what you track in this case.

Now, How Do You Make the Most Out Of Paid Advertising Campaign?

While paid advertising offers a great way of increasing brand awareness, traffic, and conversions, failure to take the necessary measures can result in excessive spending. Here are useful tips to help you get the most out of your paid ads.

  1. Understand what long-tail keywords are, how they work, and then devise an effective long-tail keyword strategy to use in your paid advertising campaign.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the territory. Understand that they are many places for buying ads and these paid advertising sites have their strengths and weaknesses. Also, take your time and learn the primary types of paid advertising.
  3. Don’t get into paid advertising without a reliable tracking app such as Google Analytics. Wisdom and caution dictate that every marketer or brand must see how their ads are performing. If not, there is no need to spend part of your medical advertising budget on paid ads.
  4. Don’t operate without a landing page.  It allows you to personalize messages for incoming visitors. With custom landing pages, you can effortlessly push visitors towards particular actions such as viewing your online brochure.  Lastly, a landing page makes it easy for you to track your visitors. Remember to include an inviting call to action on your landing page. Or how else do you intend to increase your conversions?
  5. Regularly review your results. Resist the urge to look at your results everyday as what you find out might be discouraging. Instead, wait until your analytics have accumulated so you can have access to accurate information about your paid advertising performance.

By all means, we’re not saying that your business can enjoy tremendous success through organic marketing. I am not advising you to abandon organic marketing altogether and jump right into the paid advertising bandwagon. All I am saying is that you can find a workable balance of both and benefit your medical practice in ways you’ve never imagined.

Here is to more traffic, increased brand visibility, and many more patients. The rate at which business across all sectors are investing paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms tells a lot about its potential to optimize marketing ROI.

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